This Group Buy is for sets of 16 ABS and Polycarbonate Translucent 1x1u Double Shot keycaps produced by Signature Plastics in three different profiles: SA Row 1, SA Row 3, and/or DSA.


$50 USD Shipped US/$65 USD Shipped International, $50 USD each additional set.


Choose from SA Row 1, SA Row 3, or DSA. Each set is 16 keys seen pictured in one profile of your choice. You may order as many or as few as you like.


March 31st/April 1st - April 21st, with all invoices due by May 1st. Any invoice not paid by May 1st will be discarded or otherwise cancelled.

Current Shipping ETA

???? (depends on SP’s production schedule, and subject to change)


These keys are for Cherry MX compatible switches only.


ABS/PC 1x1 SA Row 1 - (set of 16 keys)

Kit Price: $50

ABS/PC 1x1 SA Row 3 - (set of 16 keys)

Kit Price: $50

ABS/PC 1x1 DSA - (set of 16 keys)

Kit Price: $50

How Group Buys Work

A group buy is when a collective group of people rally around a desired product and commit to purchasing that product. Entrusting their money for said product to the Group Buy leader/organizer. After the GB ordering phase is complete, and all funds are collected, the Group Buy Organizer then goes to the manufacturer and places an order and pays for the product(s). After an appropriate lead time for production, the product(s) ship from the manufacturer to the organizer. So begins the shipping phase, and the Group Buy Organizer packs each order and then sends them out to the individuals who are participating in the group buy.

Essentially Group Buying is a form of crowd funding like Kickstarter or Go Fund Me, but typically on a smaller scale and for less overall cost to each participant.

Group buys are not for people who expect instant gratification (please see Amazon, or Walmart.com for that, but don’t expect custom generated products like this). Furthermore, in the case of these keycap group buys, it is mostly about creating something new that has never existed before and putting it into the hands of fans to enjoy while gaming/computing experience at a relatively affordable price for all.

To put all of this in perspective, if a person were to buy 5 of one of the key designs we have available in our group buys, it would cost $45 flat up front cost to create the mold for the keycap. Then, let’s say that person only wants 5 keycaps to be made. The cost is $25 each + the $45 mold fee. That comes to a total of $170.00 to make 5 keycaps.

The most current group buy is trying to get an upwards of 3,000 keycaps produced and thus driving the cost lower for everyone.