Here is a collection of different presentations that I have made. The source for all of these can be found on GitHub.

When on a remark.js slidehow press the 'P' key to open the presenation mode. This allows you to see the presentation notes for each slide. To clone the slideshow view (for presenting the slides on another monitor) press the 'C' key.


Most of these pages are powered by remark.js which is a way to turn markdown documents into slide show presentations. Powerpoint presentations are hosted via OneDrive. Grunt.js is used to do all of the heavy lifting. Each child page for the presentations have a comment section which is powered by Disqus. Everything is hosted on GitHub Pages.


Date Notes
2016-01-19 Added slides from CUSEC 2016
2014-12-09 Added 'Why Crashes Happen' exercises and 'How Computers Work' coding answers.
2014-12-04 Added 'Why Crashes Happen' subpage.
2014-11-28 Added the 'How Computers Work' child page. Added 'amswers' for previous practical work.
2014-11-21 Added the 'Language Syntax' child page.
2014-11-14 Added child pages for each presentations. This is were the practical work and comments are kept.


Beginner Progammer Guides

Mini-series aimed at games testers who want to understand more about the world of programming.

# Presentation
1 Programmer Talk
2 Language Syntax
3 How Computers Work
4 Why Crashes Happen
5 Make Your Own Program
6 Post Mortem
CUSEC 2016

A 30 minute talk from the Canadian University Software Engineering Conference held 2016/01/16

# Presentation
1 Pitfalls Of Peer-to-peer Networking In Games