Right now (2023), I'm an experienced gaming technology leader with a strong passion for collaboration and empowering teams. As a technology owner, I focus on creating an environment where everyone can thrive and contribute their best to the gaming industry.

  • Over 16 years of experience in the game industry
  • More than six years in technical leadership roles
  • Guided a team in a studio leadership role for ~2 years
  • My programming journey spans 18+ years and 3 console generations
  • Lifelong gaming fan: Amiga ➜ PS1➜ Xbox ➜ 360 ➜ PS4 ➜ PC 🤓

Here are few places you can find me at on the web.


These are the games that I've helped create.

Work In Progress TBC TBC CTO
Rainbow Six Mobile 2023 Ubisoft MTL Technical Lead / Project Lead Programmer
Watch_Dogs: Legion 2020 Ubisoft MTL Senior Network Programmer (Additional Programming)
Watch_Dogs 2 2016 Ubisoft MTL Network Prog.
Watch_Dogs 2014 Ubisoft MTL Multiplayer Prog.
DiRT: Showdown 2012 Codemasters Gameplay Prog.
Operation Flashpoint: Red River 2011 Codemasters Gameplay Prog.
Ferrari: The Race Experience 2010 Eutechnyx Wii Prog.
Hot Wheels: Beat That! 2007 Eutechnyx UI Prog.

A choice selection of some other work I've done in my spare time.

Presentations Slides and training material I've published.

A Google Doc version can be found here.

A PDF version is available for download here.

Blog » 02 Jan 2017 » Redoooo

One day I’d like to publish my blog ideas. But until then; at least I was succsesful at coding one.

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