I'm Nathan, a video game programmer. This small website outlines my work experience, shares some of my projects and gives you ways to contact me.


Here are few places you can find me at on the web. You can poke me on those sites or hit up the contact form below.

Blog » 02 Jan 2017 » Redoooo

One Two Three! Four!

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These are the games that I've helped create.

Unannounced TBC Ubisoft MTL
Watch_Dogs 2 2016 Ubisoft MTL Network Prog.
Watch_Dogs 2014 Ubisoft MTL Multiplayer Prog.
DiRT: Showdown 2012 Codemasters Gameplay Prog.
Operation Flashpoint: Red River 2011 Codemasters Gameplay Prog.
Ferrari: The Race Experience 2010 Eutechnyx Wii Prog.
Hot Wheels: Beat That! 2007 Eutechnyx UI Prog.

A choice selection of some other work I've done in my spare time.

Presentations Slides and training material I've published.

A PDF version of what you can find on this site can be found ++TODO++.


Feel free to send me a message. I'll get back to you ASAP.